Sue Davison
learning & development business partner and apprenticeship levy project manager

Sue started in Hotel Management some 30 years ago and after 5 years with the DeVere Hotel Group she joined Sodexo (formerly Gardner Merchant) as a General Service Manage. This lead onto several opportunities for personal development and retraining to take on new career challenges

Sue joined the Learning & Development team in 2013  managing the Learning Design and Delivery  function. She then moved to a business partnering role and in 2016 took responsibility for Sodexo’s apprenticeship programme to embrace the changes brought in by the Apprenticeship reforms.

She is truly passionate about “the art of the possible” brought about through apprenticeships.  Whether that be for a 16 year-old about to embark on the first step of the career ladder, upskilling current employees to achieve their next goal or achieving the degree that might have been out of reach previously, Sue believes that a great company with a fabulous development culture can drive excellence through apprenticeships.